Private commissions include: garden fences and gates, lithic circles, fountains, water stones, bronze bells, stone benches, wall reliefs and barn paintings.

Public commissions include: mosaic gate for the Boonville People's Park (California), mosaic side walk entrance, Anderson Valley Elementary School, murals for Material Culture (Philadelphia) and ABC Home Furnishings, (New York) see press link VMSD, engraved stone ballards for Eliot Pearson Children's park,Tufts University, (Boston);  trophy statues, the Leeway Laurel Award, commissioned by the Leeway Foundation, (Philadelphia);

Corprate Colllections: include: the AIA Corporation, (Phildelphia) PA; IFIDA Health Care (Broomall, PA), Balo Vineyards (Philo, CA)

garden fence
forged and welded steel, limestone posts
100 feet x 10 feet

private collection, 10 foot spans between 2 limestone posts, 22 posts total